A 5th generation family owned and operated business have been handcrafting artisanal Ikat fabric in Mallorca since 1854. Running the business from their workshop the whole family work together designing and making the fabric, passing on the skills from one generation to the next. 

 Weaving artisanal ikat fabric mallorca


Ikat fabric from Mallorca is known for its blurry pattern and bright colours inspired by the spirit of the Mediterranean. Much of the process is made entirely by hand and can take between 1-2 months to produce and uses only natural fibres such as cotton and linen, carefully sourced from Catalan and oeko tex certified producers.


Ikat is a traditional resistant dying technique where bundles of yarn are grouped together. Patterns are pre-calculated before dying, sections are tightly masked, and the exposed sections are dyed.  The yarn is hung to dry naturally, and then individually placed onto the weaving machine and woven together.

While this technique takes a longer time to produce and is more costly than many modern techniques, the result is one of a kind pieces that are truly artisanal.

About the family 

I met Tomeu the first time I visited their workshop. He showed me where the spinning, the dying, the drying, and the weaving of the fabric takes place. One of the main highlights of the visit was seeing the family work together. I met his two brothers working in the fabric production, his mother in charge of homeware linen production, and his sister and sister-in-law managing sales and the shop. 

Tomeu stressed the importance of handcrafting quality products sustainably and ecologically while preserving their time honoured method and expertise. 

I knew instantly that we both shared the same vision.

 Yarn tying artisanal ikat Mallorca
 Artisanal ikat fabric yarn spinning 1
 Artisanal ikat fabric Mallorca drying
 artisanal ikat fabric Mallorca - fabric samples
 Teixits Vicens family