Cork Fabric - The new leather

cork fabric

The beginning of the year I made the decision not to use leather as the core material due to sustainable and ethical reasons. As a young modern company I am constantly evolving and developing, and strive to improve how our products effect the environment, animals, and other humans in the manufacturing process. I wanted to ensure that our choice of materials were more sustainable, without compromising on quality. After a lot of research I discovered cork fabric, a great alternative to animal leather.  

What is it?

Cork fabric is made using thin shavings of cork bonded onto textile. it comes from the bark of the cork oak tree found in southern portugal, which is harvested every 9 years. It is light weight, durable, flexible, resistant to water, stain, scratch and UV. As cork is a natural product, it has own texture, and pattern and every cm is unique demonstrating its natural beauty,

* we cannot wait to reveal our new products launching in october. Follow us on instagram for sneak preview images. 

catherine dang