Foound - A creative place


August last year I was looking for a place to set up my studio. In a city where finding co working spaces are almost non existent, I thankfully came across Foound. Originally an old factory, it is now a concept space for start ups and creatives. Expect to find ateliers for hairdressers, tattoo artists, illustrators, designers, artists and many others.    

In this studio I make each and every product from designing, pattern cutting, fabric cutting, sewing, photographing to editing photos, and etc. I share my space with two other creatives; Gabriel, refurbishes vintage Scandinavian furniture and takes amazing photographs. and Nicko, an artist creating pieces with a street art style. I’m glad to have found this place, because it can get lonely working alone. It is an ideal place to create, stay motivated and be inspired. 

Foound is open to the public and visitors are welcome, so drop by the studio if you are in the area and fancy a chat or to have a look around.  

Studiocatherine dang