The brand vision


It’s a certain type of satisfaction to be able to create a product from a sketch to a physical item with my own two hands. It feels real and tangible. This was the beginning in building my brand vision; I wanted to create a brand that had honest values and was just real.

As a maker myself, I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a bag. The skills I’ve learnt, and the process involved, require patience, precision and passion. That’s why I appreciate the artisans that make each component that I use for my bags.

For me, I’ve never thought of taking full credit, because I see it as a collaboration between artisans. Whether it is the people that make the fabric or zippers, everyone should be celebrated. I thought if I could combine our skills and our beliefs in sustainability I could create something beautiful with the same idea - the love of craft and respect for others; people, animals and the environment.

Studiocatherine dang