Ikat & Cork 

 naturally individual campaign - catherine dang

This collection brings together the natural beauty of artisanal craft and modern chic designs. 

Moving towards more sustainable materials and less of leather, these bags are made from artisanal Ikat fabric, Cork textile, and linen.    

The artisanal Ikat fabric comes from Mallorca - a traditional resistant dying technique where patterns are pre calculated, sections are masked and dyed before being woven together, a lengthier method than modern day techniques. 

The Portuguese cork fabric is an unusual textural material where thin shavings of cork are bonded onto fabric. It is lightweight, durable, naturally water resistant and a great alternative to leather.

With these new unusual materials and classic designs - It is a refined take on the everyday bag - laid back, easy and playful for the spirited person. 

 Beech tote table - Catherine Dang handcrafted bag 
 Oak backpack chair - Catherine Dang handcrafted bag


Ikat fabric Mallorca, Portuguese cork textile, Lituanian 100% linen, Oeko text zipper (nickel free). 

 Oak backpack - Catherine Dang handcrafted bag

*Please note that there are limitations as a small independent and sometimes I am unable to get the ideal material due to resources and moq. But I am always looking for a better alternative. Any recommendations get in touch at studio@catherinedang.com.   

As reinforcement I use reconstituted leather in the hard wearing areas. Reconstituted leather is a by product of the leather industry made from bonded shredded leather scraps. Currently this is the more sustainable option than plastic (pu leather) until a natural alternative is found.