This natural linen has been produced in Lithuania’s oldest flax mill since 1928. The entire production process takes place under one roof - from yarn spinning to weaving, dying, and finishing- and is 100% European origin.

 Lithuanian linen 


Linen is made from flax fibre, one of the oldest fibres used by mankind. It is extremely durable due to its fibre structure and it is an ideal material for the interior linings of each bag. Cultivating flax is considered more environmentally friendly compared to other fibres as it requires fewer chemical fertilisers and pesticides and consume less water. Choosing to use unbleached and undyed linen minimises the environmental impact and looks beautiful naturally.


I’ve always loved the feel and smell of linen and how it softens over time with regular use; it just feels luxurious. I love the irregular slubs and texture of linen which creates a raw organic feel and look. 

 Lithuanian linen lining tote bag