Each bag is handcrafted in my studio. Here designs are sketched, patterns are cut, and separate pieces are assembled and stitched together. It’s about slowing down and really appreciating the people behind the product, their stories, and the process.

 Catherine Dang studio - sewing machine

The Craft

I’ve always been a maker of things and trained at a handbag and leather goods product sampling company, where I learnt to craft leather goods. Over the years I’ve applied these skills to my designs to create modern bags using traditional skills. Being able to hand craft products with my own two hands from nothing to something is hugely satisfying; it’s tangible and real.

 Catherine Dang studio - sewing pocket - linen  
 Catherine Dang studio - handcrafted bags
 Catherine Dang studio - linin linings

Handcrafted in one studio.

 Catherine Dang studio - folding corners